July 2021 Update

We believe we have an important opportunity to move forward in addressing the key repairs needed for the Little Log Church and Museum.

To recap, chief among those issues are:

  1. The lack of foundation under the building
  2. Holes in the siding
  3. Dry rot

Some studies conducted in the last few years had initially suggested repair costs that would be untenable, which was why our board agreed with the City’s suggestion to tear down the structure and build a replica in its stead.

Increased construction costs due to the pandemic have since led to even higher estimates for what a full such project would cost.

Recently conversations between the City, our board, and mechanical engineer Larry Thornton, who now lives in Yachats, have revealed the opportunity for another path.

Larry has met multiple times with our board and the City to explain the design/build approach with which he has extensive familiarity.

He laid out the possibility for conducting exploratory work on the siding, which would allow us to discover the extent of the needed repairs and come up with more accurate cost estimates, a full project plan for the work needed to be done to stabilize the structure, and clarify opportunities for raising and allocating necessary funds.

He and members of our board will be present at the July 21, 2021 Yachats City Council meeting to discuss the project and next steps.

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