August 2021 Update

Below is our letter to the Yachats City Council. They voted 5-0 to approve our request.

August 2021

To: Yachats City Council

From: Friends of the Little Log Church and Museum

Thank you for your support in us going forward with the investigatory study on the Little Log Church and Museum, which took place on Tuesday, August 3.

This study revealed a substantial amount of dry rot throughout the structure, as well as other issues outlined in this packet. Due to these concerns, the engineer advised against reopening the structure to the public until these issues are addressed.

We have received a strong recommendation to urgently conduct weatherization work on the structure in advance of winter.

It would fall under the category of maintenance and cost up to $12,000.

We have been advised that doing this preventive work would help avoid further damage to the building this winter, which could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in future work.

This packet includes an estimate for suggested long-term plans to stabilize the structure and address the core issues facing the building.

While we do not expect a firm commitment from the City at this time toward that portion of the project, we do want to present you with the best information we have on what we have agreed is the best course of action for us moving forward. 

We expect to be able to contribute to this project amount through grants and fundraising, and that moving forward would be the result of collaboration over a more extended period of time.

Thank you,

Friends of Little Log Church and Museum

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