About the Little Log Church and Museum

The Little Log Church & Museum is in the village of Yachats on the Oregon Coast.

First built in 1930, the Little Log Church has hosted generations of church services and family gatherings, including weddings and memorials. It has wonderful acoustics and is ideal for small concerts.

The museum was added in 1976 and includes many natural and historic artifacts from the area.

The City of Yachats assumed ownership of the building in 1986, and in the early 1990s, volunteers performed extensive repairs in order to keep it open.

What We Need

Since the repairs in the early 1990s, the building has deteriorated due to coastal weather over time.

There are holes in the siding. The church lacks a foundation. Dry rot has spread throughout the structure.

We are exploring paths forward for stabilizing and preserving this iconic building.

Please consider donating to support this work.

Our Board

Karl H. Christianson, Treasurer

Mary Crook, Secretary

Heather Hoen

James Kerti

Jo McDow

Carl Foster Miller, President